As a real estate agent, you know your marketing has to be on-point – and that might include using Google pay-per-click advertising, or PPC.

But what is PPC, and how can Realtors® leverage it to get more leads and sell more homes?

What is Pay-Per-Click for Real Estate Agents?

Pay-per-click advertising is the process of running ads on Google so your website shows up at the top of search results when people search certain terms. It’s a way to bring in traffic and get more leads.

Here are the PPC basics:

  • Advertisers pay a fee each time someone clicks one of their ads
  • The click takes the visitor to the advertiser’s website
  • In a good PPC campaign, the money you spend on clicks should be lower than what you make from each one

Where PPC Happens

Most people advertise on Google. It’s the largest search engine in the world, and that’s where the majority of people are searching. Google’s advertising platform is called Google AdWords, and it’s based on the pay-per-click model.

Every time someone searches on Google, Google’s algorithm determines if anyone is paying for ads related to the term the searcher used. If someone is paying for ads, those ads will most likely show up at the top of the page. When you see an ad, it’s marked with a little green box that says – you guessed it – “Ad.”

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How Does Google Choose Which Ads to Show?

The advertiser Google’s algorithm chooses is based on the advertiser’s Ad Rank. Google calculates an advertiser’s Ad Rank by multiplying the highest amount the advertiser is willing to spend for an ad and the ad’s Quality Score. It’s a little like an auction.

What is Quality Score?

Google assigns each ad a Quality Score. It’s the rating of the quality and relevance of your keywords in combination with the quality of your landing page. If you have great keywords but a low-quality landing page (such as one that loads slowly or contains elements Google’s algorithm thinks won’t appeal to searchers), you’ll have a low Quality Score and your ad won’t show up.

Where Do Search Terms Come Into Play?

When you run a PPC campaign, you have to do quite a bit of keyword research. You have to discover what your target audience is looking for and then choose those keywords so Google’s algorithm can display your ads at the right time (and to the right people). Your keyword list should be relevant to the people you want to work with.

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