Today another shooting. This one was someone who shot a soldier guarding the tomb of the unknown soldier. Then I saw an accident where police and paramedics where scrambling to help all involved. It got me thinking.

You don’t need a holiday to thank someone for serving our country. They don’t have to be a friend of relative. They don’t need to have helped you. Do they? Tonight, tomorrow , the next time you see a cop, nurse, govt worker, soldier, etc. why not thank them?

Today I was in line at the grocery store and an army ranger was behind me. I asked, “what is your favorite candy bar?” I then bought him a kit kat and before I left I gave it to him and said “thanks for your service….this doesn’t make it even but just wanted to say thanks.”

He smiled a huge smile and although it was not my intention the cashier and the person behind him smiled too. I could see how they thought about it and just maybe they will do something like that. So for $1.28 it made my day, made him smile and the others around us it might have given them the thought to do the same.

So thank you to all that stand in harms way to help us. I appreciate it.


To the rest of you? Thank them just because :-)