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Premium Property Marketing

Last time, was your home sitting on the market for months? It wasn’t the market. It was your marketing! What worked the last time you sold your home won’t work now. Marketing can make the difference in selling faster and for more while weeding out the showings that waste your time.

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glenn tremain successfully completed the Site structure course!

glenn tremain successfully completed the SEO for beginners course!

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Redefining Premium Property Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing hasn’t changed much over the years but homes and architecture have significantly.

“It’s time for that to change, don’t you think?”

Mountain View 3D Model

Mountain View

just for GMB test

Condo, Fort Myers Beach, FL 3D Model

Condo, Fort Myers Beach, FL

Fort Myers Beach, FL

Single Family, Fort Myers, FL 3D Model

Single Family, Fort Myers, FL

Fort Myers, FL

Single Family, Wayne, Upper Merion, PA 3D Model

Single Family, Wayne, Upper Merion, PA

Wayne, Upper Merion, PA

Single Family, Bryn Mawr, PA 3D Model

Single Family, Bryn Mawr, PA

Bryn Mawr, PA

Single Family, Bonita Springs, FL 3D Model

Single Family, Bonita Springs, FL

Bonita Springs, FL

Nail Soup Media Glenn Tremain
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We are not the biggest or claim 2B the best. We just make people money w/o having 2B a slave 2 current beliefs U have 2 work leads 2 death for months.
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Premium Property Clients

These agents are top performers. They also are visionaries in this type of marketing.

As they became early innovators they saw the effectiveness each model had. Now these agents are premium property marketing dominators. More and more buyers and sellers are using them.

Jeff Dickey
Chad Shillady
Gregory Anderson
Pro Guide Media
Cheryl Finley
Nail Soup Media and Glenn Tremain were referred to us by another company for a few modifications to a client search page on our website. Glenn was able to address our requests quickly, efficiently and with a high level of customer service!
Glenn and his team have put together several websites for our various business's. He is meticulous about the details while learning the process and flow unique to each business. He delivers great constructs that are pleasing to us and most importantly, our customers. Always easy, and available to communicate with, and quick to respond with any of our requests. He also keeps us in mind with any new technologies, so we are always in the forefront with our sites. It is a pleasure doing business with such a seasoned professional and his talented team.   (more)
Glenn's knowledge and help have been instrumental in helping me create the online presence I never would have been able to produce on my own. Knowing that I can contact him whenever I have a question, and having the piece of mind that he will respond to my question, is invaluable. I have a lot to learn, but Glenn never gets discouraged, he takes the time to explain how changing something in one area could affect other pages/areas of your website. I cannot praise Glenn and NailSoup Media enough. Try them for yourself and you'll see why!!! (more)
Glenn is extremely attentive, it was our busy season, but they were very patient with us. Truly a great experience and our site is more robust and modern!.(more)
Glenn and his support team have been fantastic! As a small business owner I feel like I get the same attention as if I was a CEO of a very large company. I'm getting more and more business, which means more and more internet activity. The recommendations, personal attention, and marketing techniques given by Nail Soup is greatly appreciated, and recognized! (more)
I have worked with Glenn for many years and he has always been responsive and gone above and beyond when I had an issue resolving something. I would highly recommend them!!(more)

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Elevate your brand

You are seen by how you market. Show you are innovative by offering premium service with this type of marketing. Many say they offer premium service but you can show YOU are the leader in your market with this level of marketing.

The Premium Property Marketing’s Recipe – Doing the Right things

Not all Real Estate Agents do the same thing. We provide marketing that makes you stand out!
Better marketing and marketing others aren’t offering will have you seen as an authority.
Matterport 3D Virtual Tours are essential to real estate agents and brokerages.

Internet has no “Store Hours”

If you do it right it works for you when you are sleeping. It gives you the advantage to take time JUST for you. It can have you looking better than others in your market that are selling more. On the internet its not about who does the most or has the most degrees, it’s who is seen the most with the most reviews and followers and articipation….”buzz.”

Someone just starting can take a long time established business on the internet. You have the ability if you have the right recipe.

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