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Future of Media

The power of big lunky computers now fit in the palm of your hand and soon the computer as we knew it won’t be around. Just as “Star Trek” foretold of the Smart Phone and Tablet , “Starship Troopers” gives you a glimpse of how touch screen can be used to enhance your experience with media. Your experience with Media will be totally different than what you see today!

Touchscreen and how media interfaces with it is just one of many things progressing how you interact. Media Architects will be something you will here more and more about. THEY will affect how you use media and which companies will thrive or die in the new internet marketplace.

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Internet has no “Store Hours”

If you do it right it works for you when you are sleeping. It gives you the advantage to take time JUST for you. It can have you looking better than others in your market that are selling more. On the internet its not about who does the most or has the most degrees, it’s who is seen the most with the most reviews and followers and articipation….”buzz.”

Someone just starting can take a long time established business on the internet. You have the ability if you have the right recipe.

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