The past two years we have had what appeared to be bad reviews. They were faked by someone we went after online for promising the moon and not delivering. We gave them every chance to make it right but they didn’t. So we posted a video review of what the end result of over a year of them working on things. We tried praising them, paying more and just about everything else but they didn’t come through. Even after we had a #1 google YouTube video up on their business they didn’t do anything to correct the problem.

Instead they used a series of websites in a manner that others reported them on rather than fix the issues. We will write more about things when we have time but at this point we wanted to post something so you can see what our take was on concerning the fake bad reviews for glenn tremain and nailsoupmedia.

If you would like 3rd party proof you can call our clients, many which have been with us 10 years. We will be glad to give you a list to reach out to them. Call us at 910-505-9315 to get their contact information.