Was looking through videos and pics we posted on social media from 5 years ago and now see most came true. For new clients we are sure you look at posts like this and think “yeah whatever….these people think they know but whatever.”

Yet we never show that we have been more accurate than most about what is going to happen before they do.

We had FULL websites within Facebook with Full IDX, lead capture, video gallery, podcast players and more back in Jan of 2009.

We were first to have Facebook fan pages ranking page 1 Google for hard to rank phrases.

We were having websites ranking better because of adding virtual tours to YouTube in a way that ranks the listing but also raises the SEO (search engine optimization) of the website for the keywords they want.

So many other things we have predicted or have been in the forefront of.

I was looking at old posts on Facebook trying to find a specific thing and saw some posts from over 5 years ago. Here are a few of many talking about what we were proving or predicting that now everyone knows as common knowledge.


glenn tremain predicts virtual tours youtube google ranking

glenn tremain predicting virtual tours would rank on google with youtube

Then this one

5 years ago glenn tremain predicts youtube and google

youtube videos will be in google search results

There are so many more. This is to remind some clients that have been with us 2,3,5,7, 10+ years that when WE predict, it is from creation not duplication. It’s not the usual blow hard comments many in our industry make that talk for hours about how great they are yet fall flat on their face and can only copy what others do.

In the past 20 years you wont find us claiming how great we are or making huge claims like WordPress Real Estate Plugin that works as a WordPress IDX RETS plugin and is guaranteed to work with 100% of all RETS Providers then falling far short.

We let our years of results talk for us.