Matterport Statistics Show Why Realtors® Need 3D Marketing

Most Realtors® can tell you that using 3D Matterport tours in their marketing gives them an edge, but that’s anecdotal evidence – it’s hardly scientific. That’s why we dug up the numbers; that way, you can make a decision on the best way to move forward in your 2018 marketing efforts.

Matterport Statistics: What the Numbers Say

Real estate agents using Matterport and similar technologies are able to sell homes faster and at higher prices than those who aren’t. The key, though, is having Matterport integrate seamlessly with an agent website so users have a completely interactive experience – and statistics show that that’s exactly what buyers want.

Matterport statistics say:

  • Real estate listings that have highly visual or interactive content get 403% more inquires than those without
  • Visitors to sites that have immersive experiences like Matterport spend 3 to 6 times more time engaging with listings
  • Prospective buyers are 60% more likely to email agents who have 3D tours and 95% more likely to call
  • Properties with Matterport tours get 49% more qualified leads

While Matterport is one component of a successful marketing strategy to sell homes faster (and at higher prices), you have to know why this type of marketing – as long as it’s implemented properly – works so well.

Why Matterport is So Popular With Buyers

Matterport 3D tours are popular with buyers, which means sellers want them. If you’re the only agent in town offering them, then you have a head start; if you’re not, you need to make sure you’re keeping up with your competitors.

Millennials make up the largest segment of first-time home buyers right now, and statistically, they’re increasingly interested in using technology to help them with those purchases. They’re the first generation to have grown up alongside computers, smartphones and virtual reality, which means they’re comfortable using 3D interactive tours as part of an online experience. They’re more discerning when it comes to website design and integration, too – they expect technology to work flawlessly.

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