Your real estate website has to be attractive, fast, packed with information, and easy to use.

But it also needs to give buyers and sellers an immersive experience that they won’t forget.

That’s where 3D tours come in.

What’s a 3D Tour in Real Estate?

If you’re like most agents, whether you’re in a rural area or a fast-paced, big-city market, you know what Matterport tours are. They’re the Big Kahuna for high-end listings, and they’re pretty standard on multi-million-dollar properties… but they’re quickly becoming essential for all listings.

Here’s what a great tour looks like:


3D Matterport Tour

Why Buyers Want 3D Tours

More than 90 percent of buyers start searching for homes online. This is especially important when you look at it this way:

  • Buyers 36 years old and younger now make up the largest segment of homebuyers (first-time and subsequent-time)
  • 77% of American adults connect to the internet via smartphones (95% own either a cellphone or a smartphone), in addition to tablets, laptops and desktops
  • 74% of millennials feel that new technology makes their lives easier

Why Sellers Need 3D Tours

Most Realtors® say that the vast majority of their clients would prefer to spend less time staging, and nearly as many say that they notice important things that slipped through the cracks before a photo shoot. A 3D tour gives sellers an “always-open” house that’s perfectly staged every time someone views it, which helps drive interest and qualify leads who come to see homes in person.

There’s more to it than that, though:

That’s huge.

How Can You Incorporate 3D Tours on Your Real Estate Website?

Most of the big listing sites support Matterport 3D tours, but what about your personal website? You need something that shows the listing in its entirety and lets users dive right into a 3D tour. The integration has to be seamless so buyers can get the immersive experience they’re looking for.

If you do it right, you’ll weed out tire-kickers and others who end up wasting your time, and you’ll sell homes faster and more frequently than your competitors can. You’ll stop losing listings you deserve and build your brand persona in ways that other agents aren’t even imagining yet.

Let’s Talk About Doing Better Than Your Competitors

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