Real estate professionals know that social media is an extremely powerful outreach tool, but most aren’t using it to its full potential. There are nine ways Realtors® can improve their social media efforts to connect with more potential clients and increase the number of leads they receive (aside from hiring a social media management company) – and hhere they are, in order of importance.

7 Ways Realtors Can Improve Social Media Presence

Before you can do anything, you need to identify your goals. Do you want to become a household name? Do you want to bring in leads who are ready to buy right now? When you know what you’re after, it’s easier to get it. Here’s what to do.

#1. Show that you’re a person, not a robot.

Your future clients want to see that you’re a regular person – one they’d most likely enjoy being around. That means interacting on your social media accounts frequently, responding to posts people make on and off your page and sharing content people enjoy. Check out pages like The Lighter Side of Real Estate as well as your competitors’ pages. Your goal: to do things better than they’re doing them.

#2. Link your social media profiles to your website.

It’s one thing to get people to notice you on social media, but another to get them to notice your website. Don’t leave potential clients hanging by forgetting to provide a link back to your site from your social media profiles! (And vice-versa; make sure there are links to all your social media profiles on your website, too.)

#3. Create content your clients will like.

You don’t have to create long, involved social media posts every day, but you do have to create valuable content that your social media followers will like and share. Use the 3-2-1 rule: Three posts that are shared from other sources, two posts that you created yourself to help your followers, and one self-promotional post.

#4. Use hashtags.

Every major social media site supports hashtags, and people use them to find relevant content that interests them – and you should, too. Think about the hashtags that are relevant to your business (like #LuxuryHome and #HouseForSale) and put a few in every post. You can use them in the body of your post or at the end.

#5. Give people something for free.

Create a downloadable eBook or offer a free comparative market analysis to people who visit your social media pages – everybody wants something for free, and they’ll definitely remember you if you’re the one who provides it. (Besides, eBooks and CMAs are perfect lead-capture tools to get those email addresses.)

#6. Don’t overlook smaller social media sites.

There’s more to social media than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Try other social media sites, too, like Foursquare, review sites and more.

Pro tip: Become a Google Local Guide to increase your credibility when it comes to area knowledge.

#7: Don’t Over- or Under-Do It on Social Media

Post frequently, but don’t be spammy. Most social media sites allow you to schedule posts ahead of time, which enables you to take a more hands-off approach when you’re stocked up on future posts.

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