When it comes to email accounts you should consider this strategy

  • Email for your listings you put into the MLS
  • Email with your website on it ____@domain
  • Gmail address as a backup if your primary emails go down and you need to conduct business till its up again.
  • Your Gmail address should attach to your social media items like Google places, twitter, Facebook,etc.
  • There should be rules created so when incoming mail comes in for social media stuff it goes to social media folders. That way you don’t get overwhelmed with mail that is nonsense and not needing you to address right away.
  • You should have a master list of social media accounts with username , email and password in a file type of your choosing (excel, doc, text, etc.)
  • Removing lori’s administrative email account you should do so you know how to in case we are not around and you are between assistants. Your mail is in your godaddy account.
  • Having a general email for the business is not a bad idea but there should be rules to auto forward to you and Wendel’s main emails.
  • Watch the flow of mail that comes to you from that email and groom it. This means mark spam as spam and flagrant spammers make rules to mark as spam and autodelete. You want as many distractions deleted from view. The more junk mail the more stressed you can get.

Using this strategy has your mail organized in your head. You know what email is specifically for what parts of your business.

Next I will show you how email rules for all your email accounts will help declutter and keep you in a power position.