Instagram on the Apple MacBook Pro, Instagram app on iPad Pro and on iPhone 7, Instagram notification icon on Apple Watch. Office desk responsive concept. Copyright: alexey_boldin

Instagram is a wildly popular social media element you should be using. You should also have it displayed on your website and streaming to your social media. Before you can do that you need to find your instagram user ID and instagram access token.

There are many places to look up but here are 2 sites that make the process super easy.

CodeNinja has the answer to quickly find your instagram ID. Click here to try it


Next is getting your access token for instagram. This one by Pixel Union was awesome and saves a ton of time going through all the other ways that we found on google. Try it to get your access token for instagram

Was this not the fastest way to get your ID and access token? if this worked for you please comment below or share it. Thanks for reading.