When you’re using video marketing to promote your business (if you’re not, you should be), you know that you need scripts so they’re as effective as possible.

The problem is actually writing the script.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

5 Tips for Writing a Video Script

You need a script to keep your video on-point so viewers understand every piece of it. Without one, you risk releasing a video that’s too long or worse – confusing or convoluted. You’ll lose your audience that way, so follow these steps to create the perfect video script.

1. Use a hook.

You don’t want viewers scratching their heads and wondering what a video is about halfway through. That’s a sure way to get them to click the “Back” button. Start strong with a hook that explains what your video will be about, and use it in your first or second sentence. Try:

  • “These four tips will help you apply for mortgage preapproval.”
  • “We’ve put together a few hacks that can help you sell your home faster.”
  • “Check out our expert tips on searching for your dream home.”

2. Tell a story.

People who are watching your video want you to speak directly to them, and they want you tell a story. Present the problem (in your hook, if possible) and then solve it. Don’t forget the call-to-action, though – the point of making most videos is to get your viewers to take some sort of action at the end. The exception is when you’re just raising brand awareness, but for the most part, you want to entice your viewers to do something.

3. Pay attention to time.

A video script should be short and concise because you’re relying on visuals to convey a lot of your information. A 350-word video script typically turns into a 2-minute video, so keep that in mind as you write yours.

4. Read it aloud.

Read your whole script aloud several times. You’ll be able to pick out unnatural phrasing and see where you can trim out words to let the visuals do the work. You’ll also be able to figure out what you should change by taking note of things that just don’t feel right to say.

If you’ll be narrating the video, read slowly so you can practice a pace that your audience can keep up with

5. Have someone check your grammar.

Even if you’re a pro at writing, it pays to have someone check your grammar in a video script. While most people won’t notice a grammatical slip-up, it’s best to avoid errors wherever you can. It’s easy to put words in the wrong order or mix singulars and plurals.

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