If you’re creating real estate videos, you’re already ahead of the competition – but how do you create videos that are extremely memorable and exceptionally effective? Ask yourself a few questions before you shoot your next video and you’ll create something that packs a really powerful punch.

Planning Your Next Real Estate Video: What to Ask Yourself

Before you start shooting, ask yourself:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • What’s the goal of producing this video?
  • Where will people discover this video?
  • How will I measure this video’s success?

Who is My Target Audience?

Your ideal client is probably your audience. That might be someone buying a vacation home, someone who wants to sell a multi-million-dollar property, or a first-time buyer using a VA loan. No matter who it is, identify that person – your whole video will revolve around communicating with him or her.

What’s the Goal of Producing This Video?

Do you want people to look at listings on your website, call you right now for more information, or build awareness of your brand for the long-term? Identify what you want your audience to do when they’re done watching the video, because this will guide you in making it.

Where Will People Discover This Video?

Start with one target location, whether it’s YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. You can repurpose it later, but figure out where your ideal client is watching the most videos; that’s where you’ll put it first.

How Will I Measure This Video’s Success?

Click-throughs to your website, views online or actual phone calls – what’s going to make you consider the video a success? When you identify how you’ll measure a video’s success, you can track it far more effectively (and learn what’s good and what to scrap for next time).

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