910-505-9315. This is THE thing ….we mean THEEEEEEEE thing everyone is missing and if they did it? It would be a huge advantage for the real estate agent, mortgage broker AND would give escrow companies the sales boost they will not get any other way. Glenn Tremain talks about how if the Escrow company stepped in at closing and offered to take photos and congratulations video for the clients, agent and mortgage person it would create a huge source of content to post all over. Additionally it takes the pressure off of the agent or broker and doesn’t have them look bad for asking because they are not the ones asking. If you are a high volume agent or broker then you can force them to eat their social media peas and help them grow up to be big and strong in their market. We supply the details, the scripts on how to set it all up and what to say to all and what questions to ask. If need be we will be on speaker phone handling it for you till you get the hang of it. This is not an IF thing but a WHEN someone in your market does this and sucks up all the business you could have got AND some business you think you will keep after someone else implements this.