International CES in Las Vegas

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International CES in Las Vegas

This is a what to do in january event that you should plan for in december to go to.  Not only is it showing you what new things are coming into the market its Las Vegas’s busiest time of year  If you  like crowds and the action of Las Vegas you get allot to see.  Why? Whats funny is that the CES Consumer Electronics Show overlaps with AVN (Adult Video ) convention and a few of my friends that are women that have boyfriends or husbands would tell me how dedicated their significant other was for going to CES and staying the whole time and I would bite my lip if I didnt know them well but had to tell close friends that their “dedication” may not be what it seems.

Although I have never been to either I just think that the CES and AVN at the same time makes Las Vegas an interesting place to be in January.

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