I just watched another TV series where the “President” is white. I know President Obama will never say it but that is another thing I like about him.

He has done more good than any other president and in a climate of good ol’ boy congressmen and senators on both sides saying their main goal is to not help.

The bigotry and arrogance doesn’t stay in Washington. Every show I see that has a white president or female president while Obama is still in office just has me bothered.

All the accomplishments while not getting help as much as other presidents got and then the lies and smearing of facts on top of it this treatment of him this way in movies and TV adds insult to injury.

20 years from now the interview where he tells all (well as much as could be told) I bet he will still be Obama and not lower himself to really say how all the things down to him during his presidency hurt him.

Shame on all that did what they did and shame on TV and Movie people for doing what they did and still do. To those that did right by the President? Bravo!