Watching (more importantly listening ) this series on Netflix in a row gives an insight to the relationship the position of President has in how our country has evolved. Sure history books and other books can give an insight but they are picture cards in comparison to this collection in Netflix. Media binging, something only Netflix gives you the ability to do, this topic is like taking a stack of picture cards and flipping through them In sequence to show the motion of something.

Guide to the Presidents gives insights other attempts can’t. You see the evolution of the President’s position as well as the other branches fighting to control. What I thought was only started in the 50’s I now see that congress and special interests and secret agendas were from before our country was formed. Yeah I know I’m an idiot but this series made it more vivid to me. Helped a pea brain like me connect the dots better.

The only criticism is that when they got to reviewing Bush, Clinton , Bush and Obama they didn’t go into it as far as the others.

If you have the time it’s worth listening to at the very least