Matterport’s rise in getting its 3D virtual walk through technology to the masses has been exciting. It is the “Xerox ” of this time.

But it seems at Inman connect 3D modeling went into overdrive. I wasn’t at Inman but because of some work we recently did for a matterport user wanting to go national  somehow we got inquiries as if we were.

Having a matterport machine is the new gold rush  Its easily a six figure income without really trying

However if you are just selling the 3D virtual walkthroughs then you are missing 50% more profit and 3 times the repeat and referral business

As cool as 3D modeling is if you are not offering it WITHIN a marketing package then you are underselling the full reach 3D modeling gives the person who bought it from you

3 D modeling will overtake the lazypersons virtual tour, tour factory and the photo manipulation and photos. However the real estate agent and broker are just getting sold one piece.

During the next week I will be making videos on how you can double your profit and increase your repeat business as well as get more in the market you have them paying top dollar without having to sell them  additionally I will show you how by marketing your services in a slightly different way that will have you block out anyone else in your market trying to do what you do  stay tuned