If you’re like most business owners, you know that video marketing is the direction we’re headed – but how are you supposed to make an amazing video? It’s all about:

  • Knowing what type of video to create
  • Writing a great video script
  • Keeping track of your goals

Knowing What Type of Video to Create

There are several types of marketing videos you can create (really), but great content centers on a story – it’s nothing like a commercial. There’s a lot of “sales clutter” all over the internet, and if it’s annoying to you, think about how your prospective clients feel.

Use your videos to appeal to your prospective clients’ needs and show them how you can deliver exactly what they want.

Writing a Great Video Script

Centering your video on a story with a great video script is definitely the way to win loyalty from prospective clients. It doesn’t have to be a fabricated buyer or seller journey, but it does have to have a beginning, middle and conclusion broken down like this:

  • Beginning: Hook your readers and introduce what they’re going to see if they stick around. Do this within the first 10 seconds, because about 20 percent of viewers leave by the 10-second mark.
  • Middle: Walk through a specific problem and highlight all the important issues. Don’t be boring! Make people laugh, learn or get stirred up about what’s going on.
  • Conclusion: Solve the problem and call your viewers to take some sort of action, whether it’s visiting your website to look at real estate listings or it’s to pick up the phone and call you right now for help.

Keeping Track of Your Goals

Make sure your video is properly tagged and that you’re able to track all the important statistics, including how many times it’s been viewed, when people clicked away, and how many times people have done what you wanted after watching. All this data will tell you what to keep and what you should change in your next video so you can become more effective.

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