I LOVE cutthroat kitchen. It’s awesome and am a fan. So when the commercials came out for camp cutthroat kitchen I was excited.

Till the first few minutes. All the “chefs” are actors not and their scripts were cheezy. Great recipe but the ingredients were too sugary and cheezy.

Very dissappointing :-(

So I looked up the chefs….they really were on the show before! Ok then. So what is it! Why does it seem over acted?

The premise of camp is awesome. The set is great too. It’s the coaching of the contestants then. They are acting more than being like you would expect when you watch the usual show.

It would have been great to have genuine acting contestants going through the camp version.

Ok ok so as I watch more I start thinking “it’s camp….it should be kooky and and unconventional right?”

its then that my panties get unbunched And realized I was being a tight ass and started enjoying it  :-)


Ok so so with that said and as I continue to watch the show