I was watching “Chef Movie” because I like underdog movies and Jon Favreau

But there are two stories in this movie and one is the something I try to get clients to do to become successful; take pictures, short videos and selfies. This movie hits it right on as it shows the son just doing little things here and there and BAM! they are successful in ways they could not have imagined and can’t be done conventionally unless you pay a lot of money for it.

Just like Generation Like , this movie “Chef” is required viewing for all that want to master social media but can’t grasp how easy it can be to do and get business from.

By not thinking too hard and just doing. It’s how our clients are more successful than others that spend their time trying to work on the geek stuff than the things only they can do that really gets them business. Less time trying to understand code , analytics and what some “guru” says on active rain and more time on the client side of their business.

Watch this movie and its soooooo clear on how easy it is and like a paradigm shift you will start your day with the heaviness of trying to do this off your back. No more over analyzing or planning to plan for the plan of doing it.

The movie will lighten your spirit with its first story but will educate you in its second. And just like social media it fuses with the first story and enhances both.