Home on a snow day? Home Sick and want to feel better? How about work lightly for just a few hours and do some computer and internet house cleaning and then easily create content that will auto post for you four times a moth for the next six months? Watch this to see how:

What this video talks about:
What you should do with your computer, website, social media accounts,etc. that you never get to AND have automated posts across your social media accounts set up for the next 6 months.

How will it benefit you:
1.You computer will be updated, cleaned of viruses and malware. 2.Your social media accounts will be updated and checked that they still share to other social media accounts when you post.
3. You will have easily made content that will auto post 4 times a month for the next 6 months.

Action Items:

  • Computer Virus DEEP scan
  • Malwarebytes DEEP scan
  • Social Media Account checks
  • Research material for posts, blogs, pics and video you will use
  • Create content
  • Schedule content sharing using the “Schedule” feature in WordPress, YouTube, Facebook ,etc.
  • Make sure posts from different places don’t post on the same day. Have them posting different times of the month.
  • DON’T overthink or overplan. Just go step by step and get the minimal done and if something is seeming too tough move on and come back to it.

Comment below your thoughts and suggestions to me and others!