Yes, there are advantages to using me as your Realtor in helping a customer buy a new home.
1)  My familiarity with the builder.  In any field, there are people who have an reputation of being very meticulous, responsive and thorough.  There are also people who have sloppy work and you can never get a hold of them.  As your Realtor, I will steer you towards new homes built by reputable builders.
2)  In South Florida, there are a lot of new homes that builders can’t sell because there are many more homes for sale than buyers.  As a result of this, builders are giving incredible upgrades to sell their homes.  As your Realtor, I will know about these fantastic “freebies” and pass that information onto you.
3)  I will be familiar with the surrounding neighborhood and know if anything new will be built and when it will be built, for example, new schools, shopping, restaurants, movie theaters.
Since buying your home is a significant investment it just makes good sense to hire me to help you make the right decision.