i watch tv with closed captioning on because of a cognitive hyper hearing issue I get sometimes.

What amazes me is how bad closed captioning is across the board from all companies that do it. Shameful actually.

You can’t go through one TV show that doesn’t have an error and some are so bad it’s shameful.

I wish everyone …from the person that types it to the person that is charge of quality control to the president of the companies that take the credit and keeps portraying they are doing a noble thing…would have a week of being deaf so they could a glimpse of what it’s like and be shamed for the half assed work they do.


Now mine is not hearing loss but s hyper hearing cognitive issue. I don’t need closed captioning but it was from turning it on to test  my cognitive issue that I then kept it on because I couldn’t believe how bad it is. Did I say shame on you if you are involved?