for the year watching episodes of walking dead or halt and catch fire has been so bad that I deleted the app.

Bit being a halt and catch fire fan I REALLY wanted to catch season two. But sure enough it’s unwatchable because the app has so many bugs. Navigation is terrible and there are no rewind fast forward functions like time Warner and my favorite Netflix. Fox app is better than AMC’ iPhone app.

It it is like high school science project and the ads? Freeze the episode play. Try to jiggle it? You are back to close it out and starting fresh. Does it remember you and where you left off ? Nope


if you watch halt and catch fire you know it’s the story of the beginning of the personal computer and during the story you see them deal with memory issues, CPU, hard drive , code and a host of issues that seem to always have it not quite right.

AMC’ app gives you the feeling of what it was like. You pray you make it through the episode and not have to watch the first 30 minutes 3 times in a row.

Before you question …I use the latest iPad and 50mbs internet connection.

Then i  go to the other apps and don’t have the issues I have with AMC’s

Then Netflix here I come because there is nothing as smooth and user friendly as Netflix.